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Frequently Asked Questions


How Much do you charge?


Free to the organisers for most events


No attendance charge for school proms / leavers parties / graduations / year 11 prom


No attendance charge for charity dinner dances / ladies festivals


What size are your photographs?


9 inch by 6 inch with stylish mount


Printed in less than a minute


Speed doesn't’t mean any loss of quality

  How much space do you need?  

At least 16 feet by 14 feet or 4 metres by 5 meters


With access for students to have photos taken

  Why so much space?  

A background is put up


Student queuing for their photo to be taken


Can you purchase photographs on the night or before?


Yes you can purchase your photos on the night


They can be pre-paid for before the event at a reduced price


How can students pay?






Credit / Debit Card


Can photographs be bought after the prom?


Yes via the web site


Normally posted within a week but we please allow up to 28 days


Why so much for postage?


All photographs are sent by recorded delivery


How do we book you?


Go to the contact us page and fill out the booking form